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Linda Horry, Owner, Estate Sale Online US

Estate sale shopping and thrift store shopping has been a passion of mine since age 10. My mother loved antiques and I was always going with her to auctions. Living in the Netherlands exposed me to a different culture of estate sales.  Estate Sales Online US grew out of my passion to help families in the Lowcountry sell family treasures. The area is unique with all the prestigious gated communities which are managed by HOA’s. Conducting an in-home sale is difficult to attend unless you are a resident of the gated community which is limiting attendees.  Executors wind up donating family heirlooms because they did not sell.  This is where we step in to help increase visibility through an online presence and drive sales higher.  We can tailor our services to assist with selling contents to having the home empty after the sale. We also offer a variety of concierge services to help executors that live out of town with any repairs or staging of the home for selling or renting. I pride myself on exceptional customer service. I personalize each sale based on you, the customer, listening and understanding your concerns and goals.

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